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案例名称: Shaoxing h high square
说明: Shaoxing Yigao square is in center of the city. There are too many crowd people there especially in weekend. But the developers are worrying about that the advertisement may miss the goldtime and customers may be not willing to pay the advertisement fee if one of power supplies are broken. Our company(Youyi Electronics) provide the solution that using the equalize current and backup system power supplies. Every two power supplies comply a group. Each one output half the current that the device need. And if one of power supplies are broken, the other one will supplement the current. So the whole system will not stop working. And LED display will be always playing the video of advertisement. Besides, the signal will be sent to control card when some of power supplies are broke...
说明: The Led display is in Wenzhou tax bureau department for displaying the regulations, division of employee and condition of post. This display let the people who come here to do some operation can understand all rules very clearly and let the local citizen more conveniently. Besides, the tax bureau department also make the operation and regulations more publicly         Youyi provide a slim narrow, small space power supply. Built-in the low restance of mosfets to reduce the temperature when the power supply is working. We also use the common inductance with the safe capacitor to comply the circuit to filter the ripple and disturbul from the grid power. What’s more, there are some fileter ripple inductance and filter ripple capacitor to reduce the ripple and...
说明: The Led display in Kailong Plaza will be working for a long time everyday. And Led dispaly is the device that will consume large power. So the customer pay a lot of money for the grid power. LED is the component that drived by the current. Reducing the voltage can low down the power if the voltage is not changing . In the same time, using the lower resistance LED and drived to be lighting by a low voltage can make the whole system more high efficiency. Our company(Youyi Electronics) built-in the synchrounous rectification to reduce the waste of output. This design can save 15% energy. 545 days later, the money that saved may be equal with the price of power supply.
案例名称: Malaysia announced new
说明: 近日,马来西亚能源委员会调整了强制性认证电子电器类产品清单,电子电器类强制性认证产品将从现有的31类增加至34类,主要是增加了空调、适配器/充电器、按摩器三类产品,将电吹风更换为蒸发器,驱蚊器更换为电动剃须刀两类产品。新增加产品的强制性认证将自2013年1月1日生效。 马来西亚电子电器产品认证的法律依据有两个:《电力供应法(1990)》和《电器设备批准条例(1994)》,这两个法律都由能源委员会执行。前者针对电力供应规定了电力安装的许可和控制、配送电力设备的安全以及保护人身安全等方面的要求,后者则规定了任何制造商、进口商、展览商、销售商和广告商的电器产品必须保证符合标准要求,获得认可证书(COA),并加贴SIRIM标签/标志,否则就不能在马来西亚市场上销售。在COA期满前14天,电器产品的制造商、进口商、展览商和广告商必须提出对COA进行复审的申请。 根据《电器设备批准条例(1994)》的规定,产品进行认证依据的标准主要是国家标准和等同采用的IEC标准,有的产品甚至直接使用IEC标准。对此,检验检疫部门提醒相关企业:一是及时按要求完成企业产品的强制性认证,做好前置工作;二是在产品生产过程中严格按照IEC标准生产,因为马来西亚电子电器类产品认证的相关标准大部分是采用IEC标准,即使部分采用国家标准,也是以IEC标准为基础修订的;三是加强与检验检疫机构沟通,及时了解相关标准变更情况;四是积极开拓新兴市场,规避风险。
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