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The fiscal and taxation bureau in wenzhou

Date: 2013-11-29
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        The Led display is in Wenzhou tax bureau department for displaying the regulations, division of employee and condition of post. This display let the people who come here to do some operation can understand all rules very clearly and let the local citizen more conveniently. Besides, the tax bureau department also make the operation and regulations more publicly


        Youyi provide a slim narrow, small space power supply. Built-in the low restance of mosfets to reduce the temperature when the power supply is working. We also use the common inductance with the safe capacitor to comply the circuit to filter the ripple and disturbul from the grid power. What’s more, there are some fileter ripple inductance and filter ripple capacitor to reduce the ripple and noise and avoid to effect the led disply working.

The fiscal and taxation bureau in wenzhou

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