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New products-Synchronous Rectification and backup power supply

Date: 2013-11-29
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       Youyi Electronic have developed 300W with the active PFC, current equalize and backup system to satisfy the high end market. This power supply use the synchrounous rectification to improve the efficiency. Besides, we drop off the fan because we try to improve the efficiency and the Temp. will not high. This design can low the noise and prolong the life of power supply.

We add PFC module to improve the Power Factor of electronic device and also make the input voltage of power supply ranged 90Vac - 280Vac. It will be suitable in any Country. Especially, in Europe, Japan and USA, their government have the high requirement about Power Factor.

Backup system function can guarantee the who system will not stop working when the power supply is broken. 2 power supplies make up one whole system. If one of them is broken by accident, the other one will replenish the current for the broken power supply. What’s more, the power supply have a signal inerface. It can feed back its status to the control card and inform someone who are in charge of the system.

Built-in the Synchronous rectification can largely improve the efficiency of power supply. Using the mosfets instead of shortkey diode can make the power supply have a nice performance. Because mosfets have a lower resistance than the shortkey diode.

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