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New Products - Charger Machine

Date: 2013-11-29
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Youyi Electronics develop one new products for electronic car, electronic fork truck and electronic golf car. This product is called Charger Machine. It have the characteristic as below

Instruction function:

Status instruction: include battery voltage shortage, finish battery charging

Malfunction instruction: DC output over voltage and low voltage, Over TEMP. Off main circuit breaker

Protection Function:

Input Over/Under voltage protection: When the voltage below 170Vac or beyond 280Vac, the module will be protected and output stop working. When the voltage is back to 170Vac to 280Vac, the module will continue working normally.

Output Over/Under voltage protection: The charger have the function of output over voltage and under voltage. The charger will be protected and output stop working when the output voltage beyond 293Vdc. The power charger will work normally after restarting it again. The charger will be warning when the output voltage below 198Vdc. And it will work normally after the voltage being back to normal.

Short circuit retraction: The output current will less than 40% rated power when it is in short circuit condition. And restart after the malfunction that trigger the short circuit being eliminated.

Over TEMP. Protection: The charger will stop work if the inner Temperature over the value that set before. And it will work normally after the temperature recovery normal place.

Record Function

AC Input: Record the voltage, ripple and so on every day

TEMP: The temperature of battery, of inner charger, of environment will be recorded.

Malfunction Record: 

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